Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Facebook Politics: Paul Ryan's Budget pt 1

Facebook and Politics don't mix.
Facebook and Politics clearly do not
mix well, according to this image
*Obligatory comment on how long it's been since my last post.*

No one wants to read about that.  Let's jump right into it: Politics! Economics! New GOP VP nominee Paul Ryan! Social Media!

I have long been a believer that social media is a very sub-optimal medium to discuss serious and important issues such as politics or religion.  Twitter (where I am much more active than here on my blog, follow me @bobbyg27, yes that was a shameless self-promotion plug), especially, with the 140 character limit, is particularly notorious for "sound byte"-style discussion, where shock value is both easier and more resonating than true content.  Facebook is not much better, particularly when political discourse can lead to "defriending," a likely permanent separation between two barely-acquaintanced parties.

And yet, despite my knowing better, I still partake.  It is too tempting.  Sometimes there are things I want to say that I want people to hear/read, and sadly Facebook pushes what I say to several hundred people.  Twitter is too shortform for any meaningful exchange of ideas, and this blog would be perfect but I neglect it too much.  So Facebook is where I plant my soapbox, to the anticipated furrowed brows of my liberal friends.

I have had a few exchanges of late that I am proud of, and in the interest of spreading the word, soliciting feedback from my many blog readers (lol), and mostly archiving for my own later review, I will post some snippets of my Facebook exchanges here.